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Freedom Properties

Local Leaders in Manufactured Homes, Residential Listings, Commercial Listings, Property Management and Leasing


Our Story:

After years in the business as a veteran real estate investor, Realtor, and Broker, Flavio Fiumerodo, launched two companies to serve the real estate needs of the public. The first company, Freedom Properties, LLC, was founded in 2004 as a manufactured and modular housing dealership. Three years later, Freedom Properties, Inc. was formed as a full service real estate brokerage and property management company. In 2008, Flavio launched the freeprop.com website as a single internet website shared between the two companies, collectively known as Freedom Properties.

We are engaged in four areas of real estate:

1) Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

2) Residential Real Estate Brokerage

3) Management and Leasing of Commercial Properties

4) Manufactured/Modular Home Sales.

Each member of our highly competent sale and management team is licensed and trained for their specific discipline of real estate.

What makes us different:

Freedom Properties employs heavy use of technology to offer clients better, faster and more attentive service. How does technology benefit you? For example, we're able to discover and respond to potential parties interested in your property more rapidly than other companies. And if you're searching for property, you can find out about what's on the market earlier and have your inquiries responded to much faster. We also make finding property easier. No more waiting days or hours for responses. Freedom Properties, Inc. is the fist real estate brokerage in the area to be completely paperless, so you receive easier to read documents, more rapidly, in a more organized, easy to manage fashion. The days of disorganized agents with thick file folders brimming with cluttered paper are over!

Additionally, since a large portion of properties are first located on the internet today (70% or greater), Flavio has leveraged his experience working for Yahoo! to provide some of the most pervasive and savvy marketing of your property on the internet. So while other companies place your property on a meager three or four websites, we place your property on ten to twenty. More exposure equals more success.

Our Values:

It's no secret there are huge companies out there. Some have hundreds of agents working in a single location. We don't. Our hiring standards are strict and only individuals who display the highest integrity and work ethic are invited to become a part of our growing team. We're not impressed by agents who are number one in sales. This isn't a volume game. It's your money, your investment, and your future. You deserve personal, thoughtful, attention from friendly and competent professionals. Looking for ways to serve you better on a daily basis is ingrained in our culture and instilled in our team. So you won't find any catchy slogans here, no jingles, just a straightforward approach to meeting your goals. We welcome you to our website and invite you to call, click or stop by.


Flavio Fiumerodo

Broker & President